XXXtremeComiXXX – Tech Battle – STARRING: Amy Faye

XXXtremeComiXXX – Tech Battle

Library Girl and Wikiman come face to face. They stare contentiously into each others eyes. They begin a verbal jousting with Library Girl vehemently in favor of hard copy books and Wikiman backing the online domain. Library Girl strongly trying to prove the importance of books and the knowledge contained within a library while Wikman rattles off facts available online in the blink of an eye. Finally, their animosity boils to a fever point with Wikiman hurling Library Girl’s book onto the bed. In return, Library Girl tossing Wikiman’s phone. Astonished at the audacity of the other they both dive for the book. They wrestle on the bed for what is in reality a magical book. Library Girl finally winning the tugging match. She quickly turns the pages and points the book at Wikiman. From the book, out shoots a beam of energy! It hits Wikiman straight in the face sending him tumbling to the ground. Not to be outdone, Wikiman quickly recovers and points his phone at Library Girl and out shoots bolts of energy hitting Library Girl. She is sent hurling to the ground but she too quickly recovers.

They again exchange blows but this time more powerful than the last. The fighting continues until finally Library Girl deals one last blow to Wikiman. Library Girl now has him in a subdued state right where she wants him. Recognizing her opportunity she crawls in between his legs, reaches into Wikimans’s pants and begins to suck his now hard cock. Up and down her head bobs on his dick trying to deep throat his big, long cock. But wait, Wikiman is regaining strength. He reaches for his phone and blasts Library Girl knocking her down rendering her weak and defenseless. Wikiman seizes this opportunity. He RIPS her shirt open, removes her skirt and little white panties. Wikiman dives between her legs and begins sucking her sweet pussy. Now done sucking her little pussy he opens her legs and sticks his dick inside of her. He thrusts in and out with his hand upon her bare chest. Wikiman, done with her on the floor moves her to the bed. As he has Library Girl on the bed she begins to come out of her weakened state. She demands Wikiman stop. She tells him she’ll get him back. But Wikiman, unimpressed with Library Girl’s threats thrusts his dick inside of her once again. He fucks her as she lay defenselessly upon the bed but still defiant. Despite her resistance as Wikiman pounds her pussy she feels the pleasure from his dick inside of her until she finally reaches orgasm. But Wikiman isn’t done yet. He puts her face down and ass up. Wikiman wants her doggystyle. He pounds her from behind antagonizing Library Girl with HER BOOK in HIS hand. He slaps her ass with the book as he pulls his dick out of her pussy. Wikiman then decides to cum all over her chest leaving her on the bed as he walks away.

FETISH ELEMENTS: Explicit Sexual Content, Nudity, Boots, Pleading, Uniform, Forced Sex, Costumes, Superheroines, Body views, Foot Views.

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