XXXtremeComiXXX – Anything For Crack – Alice Whyte, Maxxx Coxxx

XXXtremeComiXXX – Anything For Crack - Alice Whyte, Maxxx Coxxx

The Crackhead Maxxx breaks into a house looking for things to steal and sell for crack money. He is caught in the act by WonderWoman. The crack head refuses to leave, WonderWoman jumps on top of the crackhead Maxxx. The two wrestle for control, WonderWoman fighting to take him to jail, and Maxxx doing anything for crack. The crackhead Maxxx gets WonderWoman in a choke hold and WonderWoman fights and struggles to get away, She kicks and grabs at Maxxxs hands but is overcome and passes out in the crackheads grip around her neck. The crackhead Maxxx doesnt waste the opportunity for some good possible crack money and quickly ties WonderWoman to the Bed. Realizing what a good trade WonderWoman would be to his friends for crack, Maxxx decides to have his fun with WonderWoman first. The resourceful crackhead finds a vibrator in the side table and starts to use it on the passed out WonderWoman. She wakes up and tries to struggle free, but it is no use, her arms and legs are tied tight to the bedposts. The crackhead forces her to orgasm, while she can only lay there in take it. The crackhead decides that he wants to have some more fun, and feel her WonderWoman Pussy before he calls his friends. Maxxx fucks her super pussy till he cums all over WonderWomans helpless body. WonderWoman is left helplessly tied to the bed as crackhead goes to figure out the rest of his plan.

FETISH ELEMENTS: Superheroine, Forced Orgasm, Fucking, Ropes, Cumshot

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