VelvetsFantasies – Sinfully Suite with: Christina Carter Part 2 – Starring Christina Carter and Jacquelyn Velvets

VelvetsFantasies – Sinfully Suite with: Christina Carter Part 2

Our scene begins with Jacquelyn Velvets intently watching a movie on TV when Christina comes home. Jacquelyn tells Christina about a KO scene that has inspired her to play some knockout games of her own with Miss Carter. At first, Christina seems a little apprehensive, but Jacquelyn offers her a glass of wine while they watch the scene together. As an intrigued Jacquelyn watches the screen, she watches Christina as well, because it turns out Jacquelyn had a plan to convince her all along, even if she has to use some sneaky methods to get her there. As she watches Christina’s eyes begin to lose focus, Jacquelyn sets the stage for the sleepy fun to begin with her sexy room mate. She joins Christina in the game by finishing off the drugged glass of wine, and in the process, some secret desires are unleashed for both girls as knockouts occur and clothing is removed, leading to sensual kissing and groping in between the sultry trips to Dreamland.

Both ladies get so wrapped up in the sensuality of the knockouts (or is it just them?) that they decide they want to pass out together while they kiss and embrace. To up the ante, they make a game out of it this time, seeing who can last the longest without passing out. They struggle to stay awake, locking lips as they fade out in a body pile, only to have SK discover them moments later with a resounding “Oh no, not again!” moment as he OTS carries both beauties out of the room to let them sleep it off!

This movie contains drugged drink KOs, chloroform KOs, sleepy spray double KO, over the shoulder carries, sleepy kissing, fondling, groping

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