Truly Rough Productions – Poison Surprise – Starring: Alexandria Von Strutter, Dan Sergeant

Truly Rough Productions – Poison Surprise

Categories: Rape, Poison, Stabbing, Strangle, RolePlay Snuff, Bagging, Asphyxiation, Abduction, Death Fetish, Humiliation, Forced Strip, HardCore

Dan is very nervous. He knows he is about to kill his girlfriend; he knows she is coming over soon. He nervously bounces his leg against the floor, rubbing his hands together. He glances over at the nearby syringe filled with poison when suddenly the doorbell rings. It’s her. He snatches the syringe and hides it in his pocket as he opens the door. His girlfriend bounds into the house, happily kissing him. She announces she has a surprise for him and moves into the center of the room. She slowly takes off her coat, revealing a cute little revealing outfit she picked for him. He is speechless. She moves in to kiss him more and whispers, “surprise” and they kiss more. He decides now is the time to strike. He reaches into his pocket, pulls out the syringe and quickly jams the needle into the back of her neck! Alex is so shocked she stands up on her tiptoes. She reaches back to feel the injection site as the poison begins to do its work. Her entire body begins to tremble uncontrollably. She looks up at him in disbelief as she feels something welling up in her throat. Suddenly, she begins to foam at the mouth! Her knees buckle and he helps lower her to the floor. More foam erupts from her mouth, and she suffers a while on the floor. Dan cannot bear to watch another second of her suffering. He kneels down beside her and whispers “I’m sorry” to her right before snapping her neck! Her entire body went limp immediately. He softly lets go of her and walks away, unable to bear seeing her another second.

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