Truly Rough Productions – Blown Away – Nikki Daniels and Conor Coxxx

Truly Rough Productions – Blown Away - Nikki Daniels and Conor Coxxx

Nikki returns home from a long day at the office. Exhausted, she sits down at the table and takes off her shoes, letting out a long sigh. Suddenly, she hears a knock at the door. She asks who it is. “Mary Kay,” a man’s voice replies. Confused, she opens the door. It will be the biggest mistake of her life. A man bursts into the home, a silenced handgun pointed right at her. She raises her hands in surrender. “What do you want?” she asks. He sneers at her to follow orders and do exactly what she’s told or he will kill her. He orders her further into the room. Admiring her body, he orders her to take off her clothes. Nikki reluctantly strips off her blazer, then her skirt and finally her blouse. The man notices she has stopped stripping. “You can keep going,” he orders. Almost in tears, the girl takes off her bra and finally her panties and stands before him completely nude, ashamed. The man then unzips his pants. She knows what he wants her to do. She drops to her knees, undoes his pants, pulls out his cock and begins to suck it while he holds the gun to her head. She works hard at it, hoping that if she does well he will let her live. Occasionally she glances at the gun, fearing it will go off at any moment. She is motivated. She will give him the best BJ he’s ever had. The man can feel himself about to ejaculate. He throws his head back and cums right in her mouth, and his finger slips the trigger, shooting the girl in the head. She is dead instantly. The man slowly pushes her head off his cock, letting his cum drain out of the corner of her mouth. He pulls up his pants and leaves her sitting upright on the floor, semen dripping from her mouth.

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