The Guillotine – Her Last Wish On The Guillotine

The Guillotine – Her Last Wish On The Guillotine

OMG, THIS GIRL IS SUPER SEXUAL! WHAT A BODY, AND WHAT AN AROUSING PERFORMANCE! Hannah Shaw has been caught speeding around with her car and condemned to the guillotine; she has always been a naughty girl who likes to party and enjoy life. Handcuffed and in a prison uniform, she enters the execution room and start talking to the POV headsman. She seems to be really confident, still naughty, not scared at all. At first she naively asks the headsman to release her because the guillotine is a bit too much for a minor offence… But, once she realizes there is no way he can do it, she remains bubbly and relaxed and doesn’t care. Instead, she asks him for a last wish… She tells him that she uses to masturbate quite a lot when she’s out of prison, and she would like to leave this world with no drama, enjoying herself. So she asks to have her cuffs removed and she also takes her uniform off, getting naked. She sits down on the guillotine bench and starts fingering herself, while talking with the headsman. That is their private moment, nobody will ever know what happened before she lost her head. She asks him what he does with the bodies then, and is not surprised when he tells her that he will probably fuck that body of hers after the execution. Anything seems actually to arouse her. She goes on talking and fingering herself, and invites the headsman to sit down and join her; she starts touching his cock and rubbing her feet on it, giving him a footjob. She actually enjoys the feeling of her feet being worshipped, that is something she hasn’t done much and would like to do more before losing head – So the foot job and worship goes on for some time, until it’s time to do her, so she takes position on the guillotine, still keeping one hand between her legs, and asks him to release the blade in the moment she orgasms, as she wants to die on a high. She keeps masturbating, her head locked in the lunette and that stunning juicy body strapped to the plank. In the meantime, she strokes the headsman’s cock with the other hand, until she wants more foot worship to speed up her pleasure, so she asks him to worship her feet and release the blade when she cums. So he does, and we see shots of her aroused face from the basket angle, and shots of her stunning soles being worshipped. Her excitement grows up, at some point she asks for the blade, now! She is cumming, and the blade starts to fall… THE DROPPING OF THE BLADE IS EXPLICIT: YOU SEE HER FROM THE SIDE, ORGASMING. YOU SEE THE BLADE DROPPING DOWN, AND HER HEADS DROPPING INTO THE BASKET AS HER HEADLESS BODY RELAXES. IT IS A SUPER QUICK SCENE, AS IT WOULD BE IN REALITY, BUT HOLLYWOOD COULDN’T MAKE ANY BETTER THAN THIS. THANKS TO OUR MAGIC EDITOR HEADHUNTERZ! It’s suddenly silence. Now the headsman goes on worshipping the headless body’s fees, occasionally groping these juicy thighs and ass. Finally he drops these feet down and starts slapping his dick on these soft soles, until he cums all over them

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