The Guillotine – Her Last Cigarette

The Guillotine – Her Last Cigarette

Categories: Guillotine, Decapitate, Beheading, Sexual Abuse, Pretty Sluts, Forced Orgasm, Masturbation, Death Fetish, Last Wish

Description: Prisoner Sara is about to enter the execution room where the guillotine awaits her; she is alone with the guard and they have a POV talk. She asks him a last cigarette before going, and he allows her to have it. She starts a malicious smoking show, teasing with her awesome lips until the cigarette ends. The execution is implied an not shown In the second part, we see the guard coming back in the medical room where her guillotined body lays stripped naked, her severed head in a bucket between her legs; he got crazy about these lips and her past cigarette show, and he wants to see some of that again. He pretty much ignores the naked headless body, and focuses on the severed head in the bucket, fondling her soft lips, playing with a new cigarette on them, raising and moving them, taking pictures. That head is no longer talking to him nor delivering amazing shows, but it”s still a hot element for some crazy entertainment!

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