The Guillotine – Guillotine Orgasm – Chloe Toy

The Guillotine – Guillotine Orgasm – Chloe Toy

Categories: Guillotine, Decapitate, Beheading, Sexual Abuse, Pretty Sluts, Forced Orgasm, Masturbation, Death Fetish, Last Wish

Description: Chloe Toy enteres the room with the guillotine, she’s clothed and walks around it examining it while she tells the camera that this is gonna be the wildest orgasm ever. She undresses and lies on the bench, and starts masturbating, her legs spread giving a good view of her fingering. After some time she properly arranges her head in the lunette, and starts to secure her naked body to the bench with the belts; her orgasm is so crazy that she must bind firmly so she does not fall down when she reaches climax. She continues to masturbate with her free hands, play, moan – Different angles show her face, pussy and strapped body. When she reaches climax, she spontaneously triggers the guillotine and the blade falls. Final overview of her bound naked body, and her head laying on the ground. There are no bloody effects in this clip, as the focus is on the masturbation.

File name:Guillotine Orgasm Chloe Toy.wmv
File Size: 633 MB
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Duration: 00:09:00

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Guillotine Orgasm Chloe Toy.wmv

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