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The Guillotine – Selling Her Head

Bendy has a debt of 100 000 USD. She comes to an agency that buys and sells bodyparts. She is going to sell something to cover her debt but she is told that the only part that worth such sum is her head. In fact, after she shows the man she is a contortionist so […]

The Guillotine – Her Last Wish On The Guillotine

OMG, THIS GIRL IS SUPER SEXUAL! WHAT A BODY, AND WHAT AN AROUSING PERFORMANCE! Hannah Shaw has been caught speeding around with her car and condemned to the guillotine; she has always been a naughty girl who likes to party and enjoy life. Handcuffed and in a prison uniform, she enters the execution room and […]

The Guillotine – Dictators Assistant Fiona

This clip continues the “Dictator Caroline” saga and is more like movie style: Fiona has been jailed after the arrest and execution of Dictator Caroline, and is writing her diary in her cell. The clip is full of voiceovers. Fiona thinks back at her arrest, at the executions of Caroline and Strawberry, and at what […]

The Guillotine – Caroline Pierce Prison Guillotine

Simple and lovely clip: she is brought out in an orange jumper. She is stripped from the jumper in front of the guillotine into panties and a bra. Her hands are tied behind her and She is forcefully lowered into the guillotine. Her ankles are also bound and she is then prepared. Someone reads out […]

The Guillotine – Betrayed Ellie Guillotined

Description: Ellie has been planning some kind of drug related crime in order to solve up her financial situation; everything seems to be perfect and safe, but, unexpectedly, she is caught and finds herself on death row. Someone walks in; it’s her dear friend who came to visit her one last time; he looks really […]

Guillotined Schoolgirl Sara – The Guillotine

Schoolgirl Sara has been caught cheating on exams, so she has been sent in the school dungeon where a guy who lives there is supposed to execute her by guillotine. She spontaneously walks in and explains him what happened; she looks quite nervous and hesitant, and keeps asking him to let her escape… But that […]

Guill Against The Clock Sara – The Guillotine

Sexy spy Sara has been captured in a foreign country and is on death row. She manages to secretly get in contact with her country and expects to be saved before she gets guillotined… But time is running out, and\n soon she is lead to the execution room where the headsman (POV) is going to […]

The Guillotine – Severed Head Experiment

A scientist is sitting on the guillotine, depressed. His sweet blonde assistant steps in and asks him what’s wrong. He explains that he has so many ideas and theories, but he needs people to lose their heads in order to carry out his experiments, but he hasn’t been getting any prisoners from the prison. Times […]

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