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Crime House (aka Dark Rooms) – Undercover Investigator – Starring: Nadya and Alex

The police commissioner is hunting a serial killer. They hire a young policewoman to look for this one. He is very dangerous, so they send the policewoman as an undercover investigator. She’s dressed as a hooker to turn him on and provoke: Blue denim jacket, grey bang-free top, black shorts, skin-coloured tights and hot grey […]

Crime House (aka Dark Rooms) – Moscow Strangler – New Victim

A famous model prepares herself for a sexy night with her boyfriend She is with her friend. She wears a sexy outfit and she puts her stockings but she realizes that one is missing… Suddenly the killer comes behind her and wrapps violently the stocking around her neck. They fall on the bed, the killer […]

Crime House (aka Dark Rooms) – Killer Absolution

Introdusing new model mary! this stylish erotic movie is based on the famous game «hitman absolution». It’s dark, gothic thriller with head shot, ch…King, bodies carrying and funeral entourage. young cruel murder loves beautiful rock brunette. She is his partner. He is going to leave city forever and decides to have a last meeting with […]

Crime House (aka Dark Rooms) – House Of 5 Corpses – Starring: Bella Lenina, Mira Green, Helga, Sally, Angelina, Ivan

Cruel contract killer enters the house where five women stay for a night. We don’t know a reason but he enters in every room and shoots them one by one. Fetish Elements: Shooting to the breat, Headshots, Shooting by shortgun, shooting by gun, Bodycarrying, Bodypile File name:House_Of_5_Corpses_(new).mp4 File Size: 786 MB Resolution: 1920 x 1080 […]

Crime House (aka Dark Rooms) – A Burglar And Sleepy Beauties – Starring Sally, Alice M, Annabelle, Yana, Luiza, Max

5 girls in scout camp go to sleep to the large bedroom with many beds. They are too tied after hard day and fast fall to sleep. A burglar enters the room to steal their mobile phone, money and jewelry. He decides also to kill them all to hide all evidences… He attacks sleepy Luiza […]

VelvetsFantasies – Sinfully Suite with: Christina Carter Part 2 – Starring Christina Carter and Jacquelyn Velvets

Our scene begins with Jacquelyn Velvets intently watching a movie on TV when Christina comes home. Jacquelyn tells Christina about a KO scene that has inspired her to play some knockout games of her own with Miss Carter. At first, Christina seems a little apprehensive, but Jacquelyn offers her a glass of wine while they […]

Out Of This World – VelvetsFantasies – Starring Eden and Sleeperkid

Our scene opens with a beautiful humanoid alien beaming down to earth. She scans the area checking the oxygen levels and for signs of life. The first creature she encounters is a household cat, who is cute but unresponsive to her questions. Suddenly a human male (played by SK) walks down the hallway and is […]

Immerse Yourself – VelvetsFantasies – Starring Jessica Nicole

One fine afternoon, a fatalistic ring at the doorbell reveals the brunette beauty: Jessica Nicole. It appears that her car had broken down, and she’s stranded, alone, and in need of a phone. You kindly let her in, while taking a better look at her and noticing just how pretty she is up close. Would […]

Bats For Cats – VelvetsFantasies – Starring Jacquelyn Velvets and Caroline Pierce

Based off a custom script! We fade in on Gotham’s very own Batgirl (Caroline Pierce) as she makes her way through what she believes to be Catwoman’s lair. She carefully traverses the backyard, only to hear a meowing sound from a nearby cat statue. She investigates and gets a face-full of sleeping gas for her […]

A Gut Feeling: Part 2 – VelvetsFantasies – Starring Serena Voxx and Jacquelyn Velvets

We fade in on the beautiful Agent Serena talking to her boss as she holds the world’s tiniest microchip (stored in a miniscule jewel), filled with sought after secrets and priceless information. She stores it in her belly button as we fade to the exterior of Serena’s lair. A rival agent (Jacquelyn Velvets) makes her […]

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