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[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Threesome – Starring: Alisha Adams & Nikko Jordan w/ Rex

Some graduates are staying in a hotel while they look at prospected Universities in the area. They make plans what to do for the weekend. Alisha’s boyfriend Rex decides to grab some ice so that Nikko can coax Alisha, her best friend to have a Three way orgy with her and her man, but Alisha […]

[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Poor Young Victim – Starring: Treasure w/ Sven Wood

This is a necksnap limb play custom with lots of handling, ragdolling, The BEST EVER Slackjaw BJ, and all around cuteness from the adorable and talented Treasure. Lots of different elements add to this already hot necksnap necro rape. Treasure relaxes at home reading her new magazine. She smiles as she smells the perfumes and […]

[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Green City Strangler 3 – Starring: Hannah Perez w/ Jigsy and Belle Fatale

Hannah Ramirez is an Investigative reporter for the Green City Tribune and she is researching a book that is getting some attention. She joins Christopher Brown on his podcast show, explaining her latest efforts and giving some insight to the murders and the killer. She also has a clairvoyant energy that she uses to help […]

[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Fetnoir Hotel 3 – Sweet Deathwish – Samantha Grace as “Grace X Hitwoman”, w/ Jake Evans as “The Hit”

In this third installment of Fetnoir Hotel we take a journey through the psychologically mind bending tale of Grace X Hitwoman’s visit to Fetnoir Hotel, this is supposedly where her next mark is and she has her orders to check in and read the email containing the instructions for her kill. She struts in in […]

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