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Chris’ Corner – Poor Young Victim – Treasure w/ Sven Wood

This is a necksnap limb play custom with lots of handling, ragdolling, The BEST EVER Slackjaw BJ, and all around cuteness from the adorable and talented Treasure. Lots of different elements add to this already hot necksnap necro rape. Treasure relaxes at home reading her new magazine. She smiles as she smells the perfumes and […]

Chris’ Corner – Her Party Girl Appetite 4 – Belle Fatale, Hannah Perez, Ryanne, Genetica, and Kiki

Genetica’s twin sister Jessica has been trying to find her sisters killer for a couple of months, after the Detective won’t return her calls, and there are no leads, she knows she can’t go out on the town to get answers, and it is too soon to0 have fun. She decides to invite a few […]

Chris’ Corner – Last Go Round – Starring: Nikko Jordan w/ Jake

Jake and Nikko take their “LAST GO ROUND” in the sheets, fucking hard making a two backed beast after deciding to break up after years of being together. All inhibitions go out the window, and no words are spoken besides, “Oh god I’m cumming”, when he gives her an earth shattering orgasm on the bed, […]

Chris’ Corner – Olympic Star Hits – Starring: Belle Fatale, Genetica, Lexxi as Soccer stars

Three ambitious soccer stars for the American team, set to play Brazil in the finals match of the Olympics. There have been political scuffles and death threats from the mafia who has a great deal of money riding on the Brazilians, so their star players are in hiding outside of town, guarded by security. As […]

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