SuperHeroineLimited (SHX) – Uninvited 8 – Starring: Ashley Lane, Star Nine

SuperHeroineLimited (SHX) – Uninvited 8

Skyler (inventor/engineer/scientist who works for Lex Corp) asks Lex permission to settle an old score. Her old friend (Red Vision) is only superpower based on research stolen from Skyler. Red Visions ability to control the minds of others was only possible in taking the work of Skyler, in order to prevent Skyler for using it as a weapon for evil. Skyler wants payback. Lex approves her request. Red Vision has a dream that Skyler needs help. Skyler gives her an address (unbeknownst to her, Kara’s farm house) to come save her. Red can’t help but investigate. Skyler knows she can only beat Red if she can get close enough, but she has a secret weapon. Brutal Jack, now a mindless slave, is mind controlled by the Lex Tech Suit. Her will is his command. Skyler wants to hurt Red, what better way than to revisit history in another humiliation at the hands of Jack. But Skyler knows that Red Visions abilities cannot be extracted. She’s here for blood.

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