School Girl Snuff Tape – Psycho-Thrillers – starring LILY CARTER, JACK VEGAS & SLADE

School Girl Snuff Tape - Psycho-Thrillers

Lily’s life has been untouched by the street grime. She goes to a nice school, has nice friends but every once in awhile, she likes to rush to the store to buy something before rushing home to take photos of herself. This tine she is not alone. Two men have been taping her routine for weeks and know when she is at her most vulnerable. As she poses in the mirror snapping photos of herself for her boyfriend, the two men rush inside her bedroom. Lily yells and tries to fight but both men laugh aloud and toss her back and forth between them until one of them chloroforms her until she’s unconscious. He carries her to the bed and throws her to far she nearly bounces off the bed if it wasn’t for his partner saving her. One of the men ties her hands to the bed while the others brings the camera on a tripod to film the occasion. The star killer fondles her young sleeping body and exposes her pussy as he gropes her stiff little tits. She tosses and groans as he fingers her pussy until it is set then fucks her. She wakes up and starts to fight, forcing him to hand strangle her until she is asleep again.

Having ruined his hard-on, he unties and flips her over so he can play with her ass and fuck her again. This time he is able to fuck her until he climaxes, just seconds before she walks up again and starts to fight. This time the killer uses a nylon stocking to strangle her until unconsciousness. He releases her and flips her over again before retying her hands. This time he wants her awake. She awakens to see him teasing her with the nylon stocking. She didn’t like the rude tightness of the nylon around her throat the first time and tries to avoid him wrapping it around her again. She begs and pleads for her life, offering him more sex but he leans forward and wraps the nylon around her throat and strangles her. Lily fights beneath him but succumbs, her body shivering and orgasming as the killer uses his free hand to finger her sensitive, wet pussy. Lily dies during her orgasm and is them posed in the corner of her room with the stocking placed over her head for her parents to find.

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