Psycho-Thrillers – Unexpected Visitor 2 – Starring: Vienna Rose, Eric Masterson

Psycho-Thrillers – Unexpected Visitor 2

A beautiful young blonde allows a stranger into her house, who forces her to service him sexually before he drowns her in the kitchen sink. 1 Girl, 1 Guy1 Young woman in lacy white blouse, black cutoff jeans, ballet flats Stranger watches as she comes home She goes to kitchen, uses knife to start preparing salad Man comes to front door, talks his way inside Once he is in, he takes kitchen knife and puts it to her throat He threatens to kill her if she does not please him sexually She is forced to her knees, where she gives him a blowjob Hair pulling, deep-throating BJ He climaxes in her mouth, then kneels and holds her around the neck She is afraid, but angry and defiant He hauls her to her feet and bends her over the sink Holding her long blonde hair, he dunks her into the sink water She gasps and chokes, pleads He dunks her in and out of the water (includes close-ups and some underwater shots) Gasping, struggling, kicking She fumbles with one hand along counter, tries to use the knife He takes it away from her, continues dunk-drowning She thrashes, grows weaker Finally he keeps her head underwater long enough to drown her She goes limp with a few final convulsions He lifts her out of the sink, water dribbles from her mouth Open-mouthed death stare He lowers her to kitchen floor Props her body sitting against cabinet, where she slumps Final view of her dead on the floor, eyes rolled up

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