Psycho-Thrillers – Two Fucked And Strangled Strippers – starring CHEYENNE, HEATHER, RENO & SLADE

Psycho-Thrillers – Two Fucked And Strangled Strippers

Two women perform a strip routine as part of their last dance only to be held against their will by the retarded DJ and his master. One girl is forced down on her back on the stage while the other is handcuffed to the strip pole. The woman tied in bondage screams and pleads with them to let them go but the killer is already having sex with one of the strippers, his lust growing to the point of strangling her as he fucks her hard. The camera watches her agony and death in a frame that focuses on her face. You’ll feel as though you’re lying beside her as her tongue finally pops out and tears stream from her eyes as she dies. They then turn their attention on the second striper and she is raped from behind hard, choked then strangled/ She remains in an upright position for quite some time before she slowly loses strength and slides down the pole to the floor where her strong little legs kick out in defiance, only to be restrained by the retarded DJ. She can feel the retard squeezing her tits within his strong grip as the life slips away from her. After making sure she’s dead, they untie her and carry her to her friend and wrap them in a body bag together to be disposed of.

Contains: Set-up, Strip Tease, Terrorizing, Bondage, Double Live Rape, Double Strangulation, Drooling, Ligature Marks, Upright Strangulation, Limited Body Pans, Nudity, Fondling

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