Psycho-Thrillers – Trudys Last Day – Starring: Kate Kennedy, Anthony, Jack Vegas

Trudys Last Day

Explicit Two masked thieves break into a woman’s home and when she returns they overpower, rape and murder her. 1 Girl, 2 Guys Men in black ski masks Blonde woman in sexy business attire (black skirt and jacket, blue blouse, heels) Housebreaking setup scene One man goes to open safe, other one waits by the door Woman arrives home and is surprised by intruder He chloroforms her into unconsciousness Limp body carry Woman tossed onto bed She is fondled by assailant while unconscious Shoes removed, foot worship Ankles tied by blue rope She is flipped face down and wrists tied with belt She wakes up, terrified He stuffs handkerchief gag in her mouth Leaves her on bad and goes to talk to second man First man returns to bedroom Removes her gag Forced fellatio Begins to strip her, opens her blouse Fondles her breasts Gives himself foot job with her tied bare feet Flips her on her stomach Fucks her from behind draped over edge of bed Second man goes in and out of room, does not participate in rape First man lifts her fully onto bed for more forced sex Gives her missionary fuck while choking her Manual strangle with black-gloved hands Gasping, leg and foot views, staring, protruding tongue Drooling, red abrasion on throat from strangle Chokes her to death, fondles body Arranges her with head dangling from edge of bed for dead BJ Necro oral Flips her for doggie-style necrosex, her hands and feet still tied He climaxes on her ass Unties her hands, spreads her arms to the side Final body views, face down, feet left tied with panties tangled in rope

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