Psycho-Thrillers – Sudden Death

Psycho-Thrillers – Sudden Death

Categories: Strangle, Hanging, Rape, Death Fetish, Maniac, RolePlay

Description: Editor’s Note: This movie contains a much longer strangulation than recent productions but also crams lots of different tastes into a solid 13 minute time for a good all-around effort. Description: Darcy is a regular at the private owned tennis club but her fate this time had dealt her a horrible blow. After speaking to her tennis partner, she relaxes and enjoys and cool beverage under the intense summer heat, triumphing in her victory over a man who became irate and left. As she relaxes, a man walks past her and grabs her tennis racket. Before she can respond, he whacks her hard across the temple, knocking her out cold as her drink spills across the table and floods the floor. The powerful man then drags her to a spot on the floor, removes his shoe lace and strangles her with it. The woman tries her best to fight him off and ends up on her back on the floor. She claws at the cord intensely but the tightness of the ligature forces her tongue to protrude out. She can only gag as she fights to pulls the cord away or pound her hand against his chest in an effort to free herself. Losing strength, she tries to plant her feet and buck her hips, hoping to twist out of it. She can feel the trapped air burning within her huge breasts as she begins to slow down. The shoe she lost behind her, her eyes start to set lifelessly on the glaring sun above as her killer pours it on. Her long legs start to twitch uncontrollable followed by her entire body as she goes into shock then a wave of peace passes over her. Her body continues to twitch in distant intervals as her hands tremble and claw at the hard, hot concrete. Suddenly there is silence and he realizes his victim has given him exactly what he craved, her life! He checks for a heartbeat then exposes her sexual areas. He goes down on her, tasting her vaginal juices then drags her in his arms to the chair behind them. He sits her down and plays with her limp arms, admiring their lifelessness then removes her jewelry, leaving her staring up at the tennis club ceiling

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