Psycho-Thrillers – Shades Of Black And Blue 2 Part 2

Psycho-Thrillers – Shades Of Black And Blue 2 Part 2

A pretty college student thinks she is going to have an interview with the powerful head of a corporation, but instead he tricks her into coming to his house, where he and a younger associate sexually torture and murder her. 1 Girl, 2 Guys Part 1 ended with two men having bound a beautiful woman to a bed She has been stripped to black lace garters, stockings and strappy heels They are sexually torturing her She is cuffed face up on the bed Part 2 begins with her being uncuffed and flipped over on her face The men slap her pussy, spank her and taunt her One takes her from behind with his cock The other forces his cock into her mouth They subject her to rough sex from both sides The men switch positions and continue the harsh fucking Hair pulling, rough handling She is pulled so her head dangles off the edge of the bed One man mouth-fucks her in that position The other takes her in the pussy Breast fondling and nipple pinching Light choking by foot and with hands Finally they bind her ankles to her wrists A ball gag is shoved in her mouth The men leave the room She writhes and squirms helplessly in bondage They return drinking wine When the finish the bottle, they use it to cold-fuck her With the gag and cuffs removed, they double fuck her again Finally they make her kneel at the foot of the bed She is forced to give a double blow job The men cum on her face Finished with her, one takes a garrote and wraps it around her neck She is strangled at the edge of the bed She struggles hard, but in vain Gasping, choking They haul her up onto the bed and stroke her pussy while she strangles Finally she dies and goes limp Tongue protruding, death stare They leave her beautiful corpse sprawled on the bed.

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