Psycho-Thrillers – Run For Life Part 2 – Aria Banks, Talon, Reno

Psycho-Thrillers – Run For Life Part 2 - Aria Banks, Talon, Reno

A beautiful jogger is taken prisoner, raped and murdered by two men. 1 Girls, 2 Guys CONTINUED FROM PART ONE The captured jogger is bound naked to her bed She struggles but cannot get free The two men assaulting her return They have bottles that they are drinking from The men tease and taunt her One puts his bottle in her mouth, then into her pussy He transfers it back and forth while the other man watches Finally they want more sex with her One fingers her pussy while the other forces her to suck him They unbind her and drag her across the bed She is forced into fucking and sucking in various positions The brutal sex goes on and on The men decide to cuff her ankles and wrists together It exposes her pussy and makes her compliant for more fucking They take her in this bound position like a sex doll Finally they free her arms and legs She is mercilessly fucked by one man after the other At last they drag her back to the floor On her knees she is forced to suck both men again She takes them into her mouth over and over They can no longer hold back and cum on her face She licks their cocks clean, hoping it is over One man then picks up her brassiere He arranges it into a garrote She please, but they are merciless They start to strangle her with her bra She is hauled back up onto the bed She kicks and squirms and thrashes One man pushes a dildo into her pussy as she strangles She flops and twitches as he fondles her and dildo-fucks her She finally goes limp All she has left are a few death twitches The strangler finishes her – she stares wide-eyed in death Ligature mark on throat, open mouth still cum-streaked They spread eagle her on the bed and leave her beautiful corpse there.

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