Psycho-Thrillers – Gold Digger Part 2 – Starring: Shavelle Love, Talon, Anthony

Psycho-Thrillers – Gold Digger Part 2

The conclusion of a man’s revenge on his cheating mistress – he has sent two killers to punish her, and they sexually torture her before strangling her to death. 1 Girl, 2 Guys Busty brunette Masked assailants Woman, nude except for nylons and heels, is bound to bed Spread-eagled using leather straps Masked men taunt her, then put a ball gag in her mouth She is sexually tortured using a taser and a dildo Muffled cries and screams around gag Gag is removed, he mouth is forced open Dildo stuffed into her mouth More tasering and dildo penetration Restraints are released, leather cuffs left on Both men get on the bed and position themselves beside her She is forced to give double blowjob Simultaneous fuck and continued BJ She is moved into multiple positions and taken by both men Brief choking, hair pulling They pull her off the bed, on her knees on the floor Kneeling double BJ with more hair pulling Both men climax, cumming in her mouth and on her face While she licks cum off one assailant’s cock, the other gets a rope She is still kneeling, he whips blue rope around her neck He drags her back between his legs, strangling her Gasping, choking She struggles, flails and kicks Killer lifts her upright and they fall backward onto bed Second man fondles her while she is being strangled Eye rolling, drool, protruding tongue She dies, is left face up on the bed Death stare, ligature mark Final views of sexy body

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