Psycho-Thrillers – Daughter Raped And Choked By Two Men – Starring: Stephanie, Brandon, Justin

Psycho-Thrillers – Daughter Raped And Choked By Two Men

This is a two on one scenario with a hint of an incestuous relationship. Stephanie turns into another stellar performance despite being in a difficult position. Stephanie plays the daughter of a man who sells her to a close associate for sex and the right to film it. Wanting to have sex with her, his associate hires a cameraman to film the entire event from the time she enters until he until her death. She tries to fight them off but is too small and too weak and they eventually have their way with her after forcibly stripping off her clothing. Almost every orifice is filled with their manhood and she has enough problems just trying to breath than to try and fight against her father and the stranger. They manage to force her into a hands and knees position where her father can apply a choke grip on her throat to keep her quiet. A young girl who reminds him of his ex-wife, he was more than happy to get back at her by taking out his wrath on their daughter while providing an associate with a way to enjoy inhibited sex with a young girl. She is worn down through fighting and a lack of air and slumps forward, resting on her side. Her dad maintains his grip until his associate climaxes. She feels it all, his cock thrusting deep and relentlessly into her tight hole and his cream filling her and warming her tight little butt before she fatally fades away forever. The two men throw her to the ground after they finish and fondle her body as she releases a torrent of urine on the carpet.

Contains: Choking by hand, Ligature Choke Marks, Necro Urination, Live R, Forced Undressing, Fondling, Terrorizing, Rough Body Shove

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