Psycho-Thrillers – Country Boys Hang City Girl – HOLLY WEST, SLADE & ALAN

Psycho-Thrillers – Country Boys Hang City Girl - HOLLY WEST, SLADE & ALAN

A well-dressed, beautiful young woman from the city is stranded in a strange town when her SUV breaks down in unknown territory. Walking, she finds help from 2 men claiming to be mechanics. As she signs what she thinks are service documents, she is struck over the head and carried to a private area above the work floor. There she sleeps while the two men string up a rope and go through her purse looking for items they can use. Once they are ready, they splash water across her breasts, soaking her blouse so her big tits are clearly exposed. She asks what is happening as they grab her and usher her toward the hanging noose. She tries to get away but her hands are tied behind her back. They lift her up and force the noose around her head as she tries to squirm away. They drop her body into the noose and watch her squirm with a morbid fascination. She can feel their inquisitive hands fumble over her big hard tits and grab at her pussy as she kicks her shoe off but she is helpless to fight for herself. The weight of the noose catches up with her and forces her body to spasm uncontrollably. Saliva oozes from her mouth and her large eyes roll skyward. Her body spasms like a fish then she dies, releasing a long stream of urine. The two men let her down and bring her over to a couch where they fondle her and expose the rest of her body while one of them fucks her mouth.

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