Psycho-Thrillers – Corruptions Finest 4 – MONICA JAMES & RIO

Psycho-Thrillers – Corruptions Finest 4 - MONICA JAMES & RIO

Monica plays the of slain DA Teresa Douglas who was targeted for elimination by Terrence, a lord in Los Angeles. What wasn’t known was although the DA was successfully killed, Terrence, in a demonstration of his power, chose to wipe out all of Teresa’s seed. As Monica marks the anniversary of her s death, o e of Terrence’s henchmen has just learned where she lives. Once he receives the go-ahead from Terence, he races over to her home.

Monica was about to go for a drive when she is confronted by the hit man. Their eyes lock before he grabs her by the throat, her inside and hand her into unconsciousness. When she up, she is clad only in underwear and her hands are tied underneath her long legs. The hit man explains why she is going to die and gives her chance to pray as he wraps the steel cord around her neck.

Monica can only spasm, jerk and flail her feet as he pulls the cable tight and watches her lose her life. Monica works up a sweat, her face turning red as she spits up drool and urinates on the floor. The hit man pumps on her to make sure she’s gone then exposes her breasts. He sits her up and slowly snaps her neck with his powerful hands then takes photos of her body for Terrence’s personal souvenirs as well as his own trophy case. He drives the body over to one of Terrence’s hideouts. Terrence inspects the body and carries her in his arms as the hit man shakes his head and packs up to leave.

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