Psycho-Thrillers – Ciao Bella – Starring: ASHLYNN LEIGH & JEREMY CONWAY

Psycho-Thrillers – Ciao Bella

Abigail stops by to visit him one night just as he is about to jump in the shower. He lets her in and tells her to just hangout and wait for him. After he disappears into the bathroom she begins to look around, bored but curious. When she spies his computer/laptop sitting out in the open she decides he wouldn’t mind if she checks her e-mail quick, right? When she turns on the monitor she is surprised to find some very interesting porn pulled up. She browses a few pictures and skims a clip but it isn’t hard for her to figure out that her new boyfriend is turned on by dead girls and necro. While slightly repulsed, she always finds herself strangely aroused by this erotic discover, “Kinky boy..” Abby mutters to herself. When she hears the shower water stop, she quickly turns off the monitor, waiting for him to come out. After Jeremy exits the shower she can’t help but look at him with both arousal and curiosity. She grabs him by the hand, leading to him his bed room. She playfully pushes him backwards, causing him to fall on his back. He is surprised by her sudden actions but doesn’t stop her. She crawls up onto the bed on all fours, reaching out, grabbing him by his cock. She begins to jerk him off till he is somewhat hard, then she lowers her mouth, wrapping her lips around him. She begins to blow him, sucking and lapping hungrily at his cock till he has a full blown hard on. Now it’s his turn. He sits up, forcing her onto her back, slowly disrobing her, tasting her breasts, licking at her plump ass cheeks, running his agile tongue up between her pussy lips. She moans, wiggling eagerly against his mouth, already wet before he even starts. Jeremy starts to mount her, pressing his achingly stiff dick into her tight little sheath, manhandling her legs up and over his water slicked shoulders.

He begins to fuck her at a slow and steady pace. A few pumps in, she begins to talk dirty to him. Abby: Mm yeah baby, fuck me. You want to fuck my tight dead little pussy? Surprised, Jeremy slows down, staring at her in shock. Jeremy: What did you just say to me? He asks, peering at her in confusion and understanding. Abby: You heard me. Do you want to kill me and fuck my hot little body? He lets out a soft growl and begins to fuck her harder now. To his surprise, she reaches over, grabbing her discarded stocking, holding it up, waving it in his face. Abby: Strangle me while you fuck me. I want you to picture how sexy my dead body would look spread out on your bed. He grasps the stocking, wrapping it around her tender throat, pulling on it as he fucks her. She continues to urge him to fuck her harder and pull tighter. He stops however, having her change positions with him, having her climb on top while he lays on his back. Once she begins to ride him cowgirl, he begins to pull again, admiring the way her luscious tits jiggle and bounce above him. Abby: Yeah baby, fuck, that feels so good. I want you to kill me and cum in my dead cunt. He begins to tighten now, too tight, cutting off her air supply as she fucks him. She starts to gasp, squeezing tighter around him than ever out of pain, but it feels so good to him to watch her struggle. Abby: Jeremy, stop, cant breath.. Abby clenches harder now, fingers grasping hopelessly at the stocking around her throat. She grabs at his wrists, at his arms, tapping them, trying to make him stop. He doesn’t stop though “This is what you want you fucking slut? Now you’re going to get it!“ He rolls her dead body to the bed and cums. She sits on top of him, a dead rag doll as he pumps to make sure she’s gone. He finally lifts off and to the side, laying her out on the bed side him. He strokes her hair, looking loving into her dead eyes, licking at her breasts, making her nipples glisten in the light. Jeremy: Thank you baby. This was without a doubt the best fuck of my life. “You should have been more careful what you wished for.

Contains: Spying, masturbation, consensual sex, consensual role-play strangulation, consensual blow job, consensual; live sex turned rape, live rape, death by strangle-fuck nylon strangulation, death stare, drool, cow girl strangulation, young girl, cuddling, nudity, breast views, ass views, anal views, vaginal views, breast worship, vaginal worship, ass worship, natural breasts, undressing, brief necrophilia rape, body handling, body positioning, body posing

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