Psycho-Thrillers – Bound Raped Strangled – Starring WHITNEY & BRANDON

Psycho-Thrillers – Bound Raped Strangled

A guy attends a party and meets a young girl who grows fond of him in this affluent community town. As the music plays, they chat. The man, relatively new and wealthy sneaks away and drugs the drink of his target then brings it to her. Once she is under his influence, he takes her away. The others somehow know that something isn’t right but none risk saying a thing. Somehow they feel that moment was the last they would see of their friend. The killer takes her to his residence and lays her on his bed. He fondles her then goes into the kitchen to get a knife and cut away her blouse, exposing her breasts. He fondles her some more then removes her clothing, cutting her panties away and tracing the knife along her breasts, her belly and her pussy. He then slowly and seductively removes her shoes and nylons, saving one to strangle her with later. When she awakens she finds herself bound in chains, her hands cuffed to her ankles so she can hardly move with any freedom. Once awake he pounces on her and strikes her several times, forcing her to cry then strangles her into unconsciousness with the nylon stocking. She regains consciousness quickly and he uses the knife to terrify her, threatening to cut off one of her breasts or slit her throat. He forces her to perform sexually for him then strangles her into unconsciousness when she does not. By the time he has sex with her a third time, he strangles her to the end. She fights against the pressure surrounding her throat and finds that she enjoys his fucking as he tightens the cord. She manages to wrap her legs around him and fucks him back, telling him she wants more from him. He obeys and tightens the stocking even more as he fucks her. Once dead, he continues to have sex with her until he climaxes inside of her warm body. He then poses her and leaves the room.

Contains: Montage set-up, Bondage, Live & Necro R, Drugging, Knife play, Fondling, Nudity, Asphyxiation w/nylon stocking, Slapping, Limited Body Handling, Posing, Twitching

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