Psycho-Thrillers – Beauty And The Geek – Starring: Sophie and Dane

Psycho-Thrillers – Beauty And The Geek - Starring: Sophie and Dane

Sophie plays a young receptionist who works for a mid-size corporation. Our killer isolates her after discovering her office is on a corner away from the primary population of corporate office workers so there is little chance of being discovered within a small window of time. She appears to inform him that the interviewer is out to lunch and will not return for two hours. Sensing the moment, he himself on her, telling her he that he loves her. The married receptionist tries to back away but is violently attacked and wrestled to the floor and eventually the couch. He manages to pull a cord tightly around her neck as she struggles against him. By the time she realizes his intentions, the cord is pulled tightly around her vocal cords. She fights valiantly, bucking her hips and kicking her legs to get away but cannot. After a 7 minute struggle, her body sinks to the floor as he follows her, pumping the cord to make sure she’s gone forever. His power comes from being able to partially strip and probe the dead bodies of his victims before being discovered, then leaving her for her boss to find.

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