Psycho-Thrillers – Beaten Raped And Starngled To Death – Starring: Brynn Tyler and Daniel Hunter

Psycho-Thrillers – Beaten Raped And Starngled To Death - Starring: Brynn Tyler and Daniel Hunter

Daniel plays an ex-roommate who breaks into his old residence in search of money she used to keep around the house. When she found out he was stealing from her to buy drugs, she kicked him out but now he’s back. In desperate need he confronts Brynn. When she fails to answer, he punches her in the face, giving her a bloody mouth. When she argues back, she gets punched in the belly hard. She doubles over then fights back, kicking him in the knee and the balls. She is not afraid of him but her anger only serves as her death sentence. She reaches for the phone to call the police and it turns out to be a fatal mistake. He grabs her before she can reach the phone and places her in a arm lock that cuts off her air supply. Brynn fights back and forces him against the wall and manages to bite his arm. Daniel yells out in pain then forces her to the bed where they both violently crash. Daniel never loosens his grip and continues to arm strangle her when the idea of using his belt seems more appealing. As he holds her, he whips out his belt and quickly qraps it around her throat and pulls it tight as Brynn tries to fight back with all her strength. Brynn kicks up a storm and is strong, angry and willing to take him on but her fight yields no results and she weakens. Daniel uses it as an opportunity to strip her naked and to fuck her tight little cunt, something he hadn’t done to her in months. Brynn is incredibly tight as he forces his way inside then punishes her insides with sharp painful thrusts. Brynn’s eyes widen in fear of death and horror as he fucks her and strangles her at the same time. With Brynn going into shock, he climaxes all over her belly then pulls her up so she is sitting between his legs. The remainder of Brynn’s death is slow and painful as she quietly dies before him. To make sure, Daniel twists Brynn’s thin neck until it cracks in half then throws her off of him and rolls her until she is face up and dead. He leaves to rummage through the house and finds the money. Drugged out of his mind e tells Brynn that he’s found the money and tells her he will see her around as he leaves.

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