Psycho-Thrillers – Bad Day – Starring: Liv Revamped, Reno

Psycho-Thrillers – Bad Day

Categories: Strangle, Hanging, Rape, Death Fetish, Maniac, RolePlay Snuff

A masked intruder breaks into a woman’s home, ties her up and sexually assaults her, then tries to zip-tie strangle her. She gets loose and tries to escape, but he catches her and stabs her fatally in the neck with scissors.

1 Girl, 1 Guy. A man in a black ski mask breaks into a woman’s home. He stalks through the house, looking for her. She is taking a shower. She emerges nude from the shower and towels off. Going to her big mirror, she puts on makeup. As she is letting her hair down, he approaches her. She sees him in the mirror. Terrified, she tries to escape. He is twice her size and grabs her in a bear hug. As she struggles wildly, he carries her into the bedroom. He flings her on the bed and pins her. She continues to struggle fruitlessly while he squeezes her breasts. He gets a blue rope out of his bag. He ties her hands behind her back. Flipping her over, he gives her a hard fuck. Holding up her legs, he ties them too. He fucks her again, then drags her to her knees. She is forced to give him a blow job. He pulls her hair and moves her head back and forth. He bends her over the bed to screw her from behind. Dragging her back down, the forced fellatio continues. Finally he climaxes, cumming on her face. Finished, he tosses her back on the bed. He gets a black zip tie from his bag. Putting it around her neck, he pulls it tight. As she chokes, he leaves the room. She writhes and gasps. In her wild struggles, she frees her hands. She falls onto the floor and gets the rope off her ankles. On her hands and knees she crawls to the bathroom. Grabbing her scissors, she cuts the zip tie away. She keep the scissors for a weapon and tries to get to the front door. It is locked, she can’t get out. She goes back into the room to get the keys. Her assailant reappears, blocking her escape. She tries to stab him with the scissors, but he avoids the blows. Grabbing her again, he holds her by the throat. He lifts her and lays her back on a table. While she struggles, he makes her drop the scissors. He picks them up and stabs her in the neck. She gurgles and spits blood. He leaves the scissors protruding from her neck. She weakly flails, then dies. He leaves her sprawled face up on the table in a pool of blood.

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