PrimalFetish – Silver Staff – Mind Mastered by Mysterio – Daisy Summers

PrimalFetish – Silver Staff – Mind Mastered by Mysterio - Daisy Summers

Silver Staff is a confident, dominating and aggressive superheroine, she storms into Arch-Villain Mysterio’s lair to confront him. She easily deflects his mystical energy balls and pins him with her staff to his throat. But she was overconfident… Mysterio uses his mind magic and makes Silver Staff into his puppet, whenever she tries to resist the magic overwhelms her and her eyes roll up in her head as she has not choice but to obey. She’s forced to dance, masturbate then crawl and suck the villains cock until he fills her mouth. She’s then forced to strip out of her costume and wear a slutty outfit to give him a lap dance. Now Mysterio is totally aroused by her erotic dancing and he throws her on the table and tell pulls out his enormous cock, “Please, its too big, it’ll tear me apart” Silver Staff begs “Fine, you can leave whenever you want” Mysterio says stepping back so the superheroine can get away, but as soon as Silver Staff rises Mysterio laughs and slams her back down with his magical control and then fucks her with out mercy. Silver Staff screams and moans, unable to resist his powers. Finally Mysterio has had enough of Silver Staff’s pussy and makes her finish him with her mouth until she takes it all over her face. The villain uses his magic to put her out again and she is left laying covered in disgrace.

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