PrimalFetish – Alpha Girls Shame – Starring: Jc Simpson

PrimalFetish – Alpha Girls Shame

Alpha Girl corners a common thug in a back alley and easily tosses him around and mocks him while bragging about her invincibility. She has the goon pinned against the wall and he surprises her with a spray to the face by some unknown compound. Everything shifts and becomes distorted as her vision blurs and spins. Alpha Girl falls and is too weak and disoriented to stand. The thug sprays her again and she collapses. Before he can take his revenge he hears police sirens and takes off. Alpha Girl recovers and swears to track the goon down. The crook is now at a medical research center to get more ingredients for his superheroine defeating formula but Alpha Girl gets the drop on him, snatching away his only weapon and gloating about the payback he is about to get. The crook isn’t afraid and Alpha Girl doesn’t understand why until he says he isn’t alone. He has an underling that uses a combination of the compound and a rag to take the fight out of the superheroine. Now Alpha Girl is weak and bound and it is time for the goon to get her pussy nice and ready to be fucked by making her cum multiple times with a device he found in the lab. She begs and pleads and threatens but Alpha Girl can’t stop the orgasms and the goon exposes her wet pussy and fucks her deep and hard and then cums all over her pussy thighs and costume. Now it is the underlings turn. Alpha Girl mocks him as a side kick but he shows her by fucking her even harder and then unmasking her to cover her face in a huge load of cum

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