Peachy Keen Films – Shoolgirl Killer – Starring Miera Belle and Savannah Costello

Peachy Keen Films – Shoolgirl Killer

Savannah hadn’t been taking her meds and the focus of her disrupted pathology was poor schoolgirl, Sally. She had kidnapped her and now lead her into a room to interrogate her. Savannah accused her of looking sexy while hanging around outside her school and that her boyfriend was being distracted by her. The real question might have been why is the boyfriend looking at a sexy 18yo schoolgirl when he has a damn hot girlfriend. But, the conversation never gets that far. Savannah wants to punish Sally and after some accusational chatter with Sally trying to defend herself, Savannah clobbers her with the pistol and knocks her out. Unconscious, Savannah is able to pay around with Sally and see some of the goods. Sally had some very sexy tits and is wearing pantyhose under her schoolgirl skirt with no undies. Savannah wakes her up and forces her to undress. Once Sally is naked, she makes her squeeze her big titties, then Savannah shoots her in the gut and flings her back onto the couch where Sally writhers in agony. Savannah has had enough of this little schoolgirl slut and after watching her suffer for a moment, shoots her in the tit. She goes into shock, quivering in pain. Savannah raises the gun and fires, hitting her in her right tit and ending her short life. She lets her lay still for a while, then goes over to check her out. She removes her pantyhose, then gets her down on some plastic, wraps her up and drags her off.

Contains: Violence, Schoolgirl/Young, Nudity, Sexual Content, Pantyhose, Multi-Shooting, Fondling, Body Views.

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