Peachy Keen Films – Sexual Killer – Starring Lexxi and Houston

Sexual Killer

Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Rape, Bagging

It’s spring break in the bay area and two teenage sisters are home on the first cloudy day of the week. As they plan to go to the mall or beach despite the weather, their parents call to remind them of the repairman coming over to work on the Jacuzzi. Bummed, they settle into hanging out and pigging out on morning leftovers. When the repairman arrives, they let him in to do his work. Right away they are a little weirded out by his demeanor, but ignore their instincts and go about their day. While playing a game of pool, the repairman stalks them from the balcony above. The girls play on, unaware of the violence about to commence. Lexi takes her next shot and misses…as they track the errant ball across the table, the see the repairman standing with a pool stick. They both let out a startled scream and the man, with little hesitation, swings his pool stick into Lexi’s head, knocking her out and runs after Houston, catching her in the kitchen and bashing her skull on the tile counter. Woozy from the hit he is able to position her on the counter so he can fuck her from behind. As she starts to struggle he slams her head into the counter again, ensuring her compliance. As he fucks her tight pussy from behind, slamming her pelvis into the cold counter, she moans in agony. As she regains a little of her strength, she makes weak attempts to fight back–nothing he has to worry about. When he tires of that position, he flips her over. Now she is more resistant, hitting, slapping, punching and protesting as he rams his cock into her. Still unable to get himself off, he pulls her off the counter and forces her to suck his cock. She does so out of shear terror.

But, in a moment of courage, bites down and is able to escape, running up the stairs hoping to lock herself in her room. He trips her up at the top of the stairs and she backs away from him on the landing. He grabs her neck, forcing her against a hard wood post railing and starts to strangle her. She kicks and bucks wildly. As he chokes her with one strong hand, he rams his fingers in her tight pussy, feeling her wetness and he knows she is turned on in some sick way as her life is being taken from her. Meanwhile below, Lexi still lies unconscious. As she claws and her legs point straight out and quiver, he knows she does not have long and he is still hard, thinking about fucking her corpse. As she weakens he looks deeply into her eyes, looking perhaps at her soul as it is about to be released. He squeezes harder and watches the life fade from her eyes. He lets her down, then is quickly inside her, ramming the dead teenager, a young girl, in the prime of her life…the power as he took that away and now the violation of her corpse. He felt the orgasm coming and pulled out to spew his load all over her dead body. As he regained his composure, he heard the girl below calling her sisters name…Houston. He looks over the railing just in time to catch her staring up at him. She screams and runs. He is able to almost catch her at the bottom of the stairs, knocking her down instead. She flips on her tummy and claws at the floor as he is trying to pull her toward him. She is able to break free and go for the stairs. He goes the other way and surprises her as she heads into the garage.

She breaks free again and goes back up the stairs but now she has no where to go and he is right in front of her. He knocks her down and takes his belt, lying on the floor from flinging it over the balcony earlier when he was fucking her dead sister, and wraps it around her neck. He pulls it tight, her air is cut off, but she is a fighter and struggles hard, yanking herself all over the floor. He picks her up, shoving her against the pool table to try and stabilize her. She continues to fight hard, so he shoves her down on the table, ramming his hard cock against her ass her he pulls the belt. She tries to grab for the pools balls but ends up knocking them away instead…lucky for him. Once she weakens a bit, he flips her onto her back and pulls out his cock. She grinds and twists, but he is finally able to put it in the right hole and starts fucking her as he pulls the belt tight. She weakens faster and finally slows to a more manageable level where he can enjoy himself. She was tight and warm on his cock, she felt so good and he knew he would cum again. As she expired and simply stared up at the ceiling, he kept fucking her until eventually cumming inside her. He flipped her up on the table and posed her spread eagle. He gathered his stuff and left without a word. Then we follow the camera as it pans both girls—Houston, cum-soaked on the balcony, and Lexi, dead, violated on the pool table.

Contains: Nudity, Explicit Sexual Content, Multiple Sexual Assault, Hand Strangling, Belt Strangling, Necro Sex, Awesome Cum Shot, Body Views, Foot Views.

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