Peachy Keen Films – Kamming With Kyler – Kyler Quinn

Peachy Keen Films – Kamming With Kyler - Kyler Quinn

With the house to herself, pretty and petite Kyler is trying to earn some extra money camming in her bedroom. Her boyfriend Nate has been staying with her this week and she needs some alone time to work her secret hustle. The quarantine has really affected her income and she needs to pay off her ring light investment, so she’s excited to put on a super sexy show for her adoring fans. Little did she know, the footage she was recording herself would soon be evidence in her killer’s murder trial. Kyler strips off her hoodie. Her tits are big for her small size and delightfully perky. She rubs her pussy through her panties while going down on her fingers. She has a strong oral fixation, so this always gets her soaked. Her dark framed glasses are a nice touch, making the gorgeous girl look cute and attainable. She talks dirty for the guys in the chat, teasing them as she’s sure they’re stroking their little cocks to her performance. Uh oh! Nate gets back to the apartment early and catches Kyler in the act. Unfortunately for her, Nate is a jealous brute. His temper quickly boils over and he knocks Kyler out with one right hook. Nate notices that the webcam is capturing everything and decides to give everyone one hell of a show. He strips off his clothes and approaches Kyler’s unconscious body.

Nate shoves his cock in Kyler’s mouth and fucks the little whore’s pretty face. Her naughty mouth is already drooling from the simulated blowjob she was giving her fingers. Nate quickly gets into it and rapidly pounds his meat deep into Kyler’s vulnerable throat. He feels his balls tighten and his cock throb. Nate pulls out and busts a fat load all over Kyler’s deceptive face. He picks Kyler up and wraps his belt around her delicate little neck. Kyler comes to just in time to experience her own agonizing death. Nate whispers cruelly to her as he slowly throttles the life out of her. He grabs her gorgeous tits one last time while he does it. He’s definitely going to miss those tits… Nate climbs on top of his dead girlfriend and slides off her panties. Her tight twat is still wet from her little sex show, so his dick slides right into cadaver’s cunt. Before long, Nate is ready for round two. With the murder weapon still wrapped around her throat, Kyler is thoroughly defiled by her boyfriend / killer. He pounds her tight shaved pussy with increasing ferocity. Halfway through the act he stops thinking of Kyler as a person and begins treating her like an object. A fuck toy. Nate cums inside Kyler one last time, then grabs the webcam to film some close-ups. He’s beginning to feel like quite the film auteur.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Petite, Camming, Webcam, Stripping, Tease, Attack, Punching, KO, Unconscious, Groping, Fondling, Forced BJ, Face Fucking, Facial, Cumshot, Belt Strangle, Choking, Garrote Strangulation, Death, Limp, Necro, Body Views

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