Peachy Keen Films – Hogtie Killer 8 Part 2 – Starring Tessa

Peachy Keen Films – Hogtie Killer 8 Part 2

He brought the second girl back to her house. He murdered her friend about 30 minutes earlier after she gave him the information he wanted. Now, he needed to get that information from this little bitch. He through her down in her own bedroom and started beating her up. Punches, kick, more puches and finally a knock out hit. He loved this shit. He loved to fuck these innocent bitches up. On the bed, he tied her up, spread eagle, then started pressing her for info. She played dumb–they always did at first. He pulled out Mr. Tazer and gave her the work over. Still, she would not give it up, so he went a different round–finding a sex toy and forcing her to squirt out orgasm after orgasm. It might seem like be was being nice, but ooh, it’s so not nice to not have control of your body. She finally gave him want he wanted and after he got it, time for a little fun. He fingered her for a bit, forced her to suck his cock–gag on it even. Then he fucked her all ways until he emptied his load inside her tight little cunt. She tried to get away, and kicked her right in the head, knocking her out.

Now, she was tied up–hogtied. It was the end game. He tells her to suck his cock on more time–get him off and he will let her live. They always tried, even the ones that know it was a lie. Afterward, she is spitting out his cum, he throws a rope around her neck and pulls it tight. She freaks out, then chokes. Her eyes are wide, tongue out. She wiggles and struggles as best she can in the restricting hogtie. Eventually, she loses. She is dead. He tosses the rope aside and leaves to go follow his next lead.

Contains: Violence, Nudity, Explicit Sexual Content, Bondage, Cuffs, Knock Outs, Torture, Hitting, Crying, Begging, Tazer, Forced Blowjob, Forced Sex/Rape, Hogtie, Hosiery, Rope Strangulation, Body Views.

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