Peachy Keen Films – Final Tease – Starring Lexxi

Peachy Keen Films – Final Tease

Dave was frustrated. This really hot girl he was seeing on webcam kept promising they would meet, but then, she would always have an excuse not to. So, he decided to meet the photographer. He was a problem solver. They arraigned to give the girl one last change. He started a live chat so that the photographer could see the kind of girl she was. It went as planned. She gave Dave a really hot show, started with her fingers, then a glass dildo and finally bringing herself to multiple orgasms with a massager. When he asked her if they could meet, like she promised at the start of the show, she came up with some lame excuse. So, they decided they needed to go get her and show her the errors of her ways. That being a tease was not cool. Later, the girl was on the phone with her friend talking about the business and the creeps she does shows for. Suddenly, she is attacked, chloroformed and is put out after a short struggle. Dave and the photographer lift her up on the bed, tie her up, then Dave spends the time with her he has been waiting for. He feels her all over and when she wakes up, he forces her to suck his cock, choking her with it as he does. For the next long while, he sexually assaults her and rapes her–changing her positions a few times–retying her both on her back and on her stomach. When he is finally done, and she is put out again, they are ready to take her to the place for the big finish.

She wakes up, tied to an x-frame in a slinky nightgown. The men have masks. Her tits are wrapped tight and purple. They threaten her with a blade, the beat her. Next, the photographer is whipping her mercilessly, leaving marks all over her body and engorged breasts. Suddenly, the flash and steady pulse of a taser and they work her over for a while, untying her breast part way through to watch them jiggle with each pulse of electricity. After a while, she goes unconscious. They wake her up with a splash of water to her face, then turn her around and whip her back until red bloody streaks appear. When they are done whipping her, they brand her ass with a hot iron. Now, down on her knees, she sucks Daves cock until he cums all over her face. Back up on the x, it is time for the reveal. As Dave is shocking her with a wet sponge hooked to a power source, he pulls his mask of. She is freaked out more, pleading for hims to stop, but he continues to shock her body–relishing in her pain. She is beat, bloody, and weak. The photographer knows when the story must end. He tucks the soaked sponge behind her neck and they wait while electricity pulses through her shaking/jiggling body until she slumps naturally, hanging–dead. They get her down on the cold concrete and leave her to cool.

Contains: Violence, Teen/Young, Nudity, Explicit Sexual Content, Masturbation, Real Orgasm, Chloroformed, Molested, Bondage, LONG Multi-position R A P E, Forced Pussy Licking, Forced Fingering, Forced BJ, Cum in Mouth, AOH on X-Frame, Tied Breasts, Whipping Front, Whipping Back, Branding, Hitting, Electrocution, Begging, Crying, Screaming, Torture, Body Views.

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