Peachy Keen Films – Brothel Killer – Starring Pandora

Peachy Keen Films – Brothel Killer

Today was the same as any other day. Pandora, sat in her assigned room waiting for the next client. She was a cute, book smart girl. She loved to make men happy; knew how to address every need. This was a good part-time job for her while she put her self through grad school. There was a knock at the door…she called him in and started her timer. His session was going to be a half hour. He was nice on the eyes, a large, soft-spoken man in a bright orange shirt. She figured him for a truck driver or electrician. His hands looked rough…he did something with his hands. She was pretty good at reading the clients. It helped her break the ice and quickly find out what they wanted. Repeat business was key for her…she would rather have a few clients many times then many, many men. This guy was new. After casual conversation she encouraged him to start exploring her body. He was very shy, but soon found his groove. He had her panties off and quickly was between her legs, his tongue exploring her young 22yo pussy. She was in heaven. She usually did not let anyone do this to her, but this man somehow broke the barrier–he was licking her sweet pussy and she was loving it. After a long while, she could not stand it anymore–she had to have him. She pushed him back and was straddling him, asking, no begging to be fucked. He paused, in fact, resisted—what was wrong with him. He expressed reluctance and chatted her up, but all the while he positioned his garrote behind her. He had her put her hair up, expositing her soft neck and when the moment was just right, he attacked. Quickly, he wrapped the cord around her neck–twice, making it tight, pulling her toward him. She struggled, but the position was not good for him, so he flips her on her back against him and pulls tight. He had done this before, many times in many states. A truck driver he was, and this was the main use of his hands-young prostitutes.

She was very sensual, even as he was her. Some girls kick and flip uncontrollably, but it was almost as if she was getting off on the experience as she was trying to get out. She was grinding against his cock as she was struggling and twitching her body. Her doe-eyes were wide in shock and her hands worked at the garrote and pulled at his clothing. She would often spread her legs wide, her pussy lips moist–he let his fingers explore them during these moments. Here toes pointed, toes stretching, reaching for anything to grab onto. Her body continued to jerk and twitch for some time before slowing down. Finally, after quite a while, she was barely moving. There were a few last little spasms, then nothing–she was dead. He lay with her for a while, feeling her warmth against him. Then he rolled her off like a rag doll. He looked at her ass and legs, then flopped her back over. He pushed her lets apart and fingered her tight wet pussy before pulling his cock out and fucking her warm body, her skin soft and smooth. After cumming, he picks her up and dances with her for a while, her legs swinging back and forth. He throws her back on the bed, gives her one last look and leaves for the next brothel.

Fetish Elements: Nudity, Sexual Content, Garrote Strangling, PM sex, Dancing/Carrying, Foot Views, Body Views.

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