Peachy Keen Films – Breaking The New Girl 1 – Starring Kala King

Peachy Keen Films – Breaking The New Girl 1

Jack was under a lot of pressure today. He had a presentation to do and only today to finish it. He was planning on a long night as well. In the copying room, the new girl, Kala came in. They made introductions and casual chit chat, then Jack was off, but not before noticing how beautiful she was. In the hall, on the way back to his office he ran into Raven-literally. His coffee spilled all over his white dress shirt and papers went everywhere. As Raven was leaving, he caught a glimpse of the ankle bracelet she was wearing. Something primal stirred inside of him, but only for a moment. He is in his office now, thinking about the presentation, but has a headache. He lays down for a while, hoping a nap will cure it. We wakes up with a start. Only a few minutes passed, but during that time, he has a dream, or perhaps it was a nightmare. He was killing someone, strangling her. It was Kala. He lost the image and went about his work. It’s way later, and Jack is pacing his office, rehearsing his speech. He talks to himself out loud, but someone answers. It was Kala. She was locked in the building. Before he could show her out, she was getting a wet cloth and trying to clean the coffee stains out of his shirt. Then, she offered to stay and help him. Something in jack stirred again, like with Raven, but this time he acted on it. He told Kala that most of he work was back at his apartment and she agreed to come.

At his apartment, she removed her pantyhose, feeling a bit silly that she did not know it was casual day at the office. He is looking through his briefcase while she notices he has hung a painting upside-down. She is distracted, so he takes the the opportunity. He punches her hard in the back of the head. She goes down on the couch then is on the floor in a panic trying to crawl away. He grabs her roughly be her hair, lifts her up and slams her head against the hard door. She crumbles to the floor on her back. He is down on her fast , punching her and rips her blouse open…buttons go flying. He hits her hard again. He tears her bra in two. She tries to fight, tries to scream, but he grabs her throat and chokes her off. He tells her to be quite and that it will be over soon. She digs into his side with the point of her heel and she is free. She crawls away, but he has her leg and yanks her back. Then he grabs her by the hair again, lifts her up and bashes her head against the wall, one, two, three times and she collapses to her knees. He remembers the scarf that had fallen out of her purse. He pushes her down and wraps it around her neck, yanking her head up. After a minute or so the fabric rips apart and she can breathe again. Then he sees the nylons, and quickly wraps them around her neck. He is on her back as he pulls her head up with the tight ligature. She slowly weakens and then passes out. He lets her head fall. He watches her motionless body for a bit, then starts to lift her.

In his bedroom he flops her onto the bed. He carefully removes her shoes, examining her feet in close detail. After a while, as he starts into her she wakes up. He struggles with her for a bit, then gets the nylon garrote wrapped tightly around her neck. She struggles and fights like a maniac-kicking and bucking her hips in the air. Her face is contorted, mouth open, tongue searching for air He keeps the garrote tight. Her body quickly is covered in sweat and foamy drool seeps from her mouth. Her legs spread and contract, her toes point and bend. As the struggle continues, she starts to weaken. Her body begins to spasm and jerk. Her eyes start to look hopeless, but she presses on, waving her hand and arms, feebly trying to fend off her attacker. She slows and slows until her body is barely moving except for a few twitches and a low gurgle from her throat. When she is surely dead, he sits her up and gets the garrote off her neck, seeing the visible reddening it caused. He lets her body flop back onto the bed, then admires her glistening body some more, fingers, licks her pussy, and cums on her before dragging her off. He needed to get back to the office to finish his presentation.

Fetish Elements: Violence, Nudity, Graphic Sexual Content, Garrote StranglingX2 and Catch and Release, Explicit Fingering, Pussy Licking, Rape, Hosiery/Nylons, Sexual Assault, Fondling, Sweat, Drool, Foot Views, Body Views.

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