Peachy Keen Films – Boss Tease – Starring Micah Moore

Peachy Keen Films – Boss Tease - Starring Micah Moore

A male office assistant is being harassed by his female boss. She will not let up–verbally insulting him while behind his back, making lewd, sexual gestures. Today, she made him stand in front of her while she sucked his cock. At first he enjoyed it. But then, after she encouraged him to cum and did such a good job, he was about to….she stopped. She handed him back the report he had been working on all night and told him to redo it. So, he took his blue balls and slouched back to his desk, a beaten man. She loved every moment of it. As soon as he was back to work, she put on her headset and started having phone sex with one of her boyfriends. Sitting at his desk, listing to her moan and hearing the wetness of her pussy as her she fingered herself–he had enough. He took off his tie and walked up behind her. She did not even take notice of him. He quickly wrapped the tie around her neck, yanking her back in her chair and swinging her around the room. When it was over, he had strangled her unconscious. He spent the time exploring her body, then eventually set her upright. She woke up and again, he got the tie around her neck and started strangling her. This time, he did not plan to stop until she was dead.

She struggled hard, her legs kicking, her tongue out, eyes wide. Her hips bucked and muscles spasmed. It was a long, long strangle, but eventually, she went still–eyes staring off at the wall. He rolled her off of him, put her up on the desk and continued to explore her. She was a fine-looking boss….a fucking bitch, but fine-looking all the same. He took his time with her, eventually, sliding his cock into her warm tight pussy. She was definitely a tease, no cock had ever been where his has gone. She was tight. After a bit, he rolled her over, then fucked her over the desk doggie-style. Finally, he came loads all over he back. He then posed her on the desk and left, letting her know that he quit on his way out. Micah Moore was a real find. She was playful, sexy, and her passion for any role I gave her was evident in her performance. This is a great scenario of ultimate satisfaction. See it for the first time, or again, upscaled from the original master and at a special price for a short time!

Contains: Violence, Nudity, Explicit Sexual Content, Blowjob, Teasing, Bitchiness, Garrote Strangle to Unconsciousness, Garrote Strangle to Death, Necro Sex, Cum Shot, Lifting, Posing, Arm Flopping, Postmortem, Body Views.

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