Peachy Keen Films – Bathroom Assassin – Angelina Diamanti

Peachy Keen Films – Bathroom Assassin - Angelina Diamanti

Looking in the bathroom mirror primping herself, Angelina gets turned on by her own beauty. Her hands glide up her thin waist to caress her big breasts. “They really are perfect tits.”, she thinks to herself. Angelina feels her pretty little pussy getting wet in her white panties. She sits down on the toilet lid and rolls up her sleeves to go to work! Sliding aside her soaking panties, she rubs her tight twat until it loosens enough for her to slide a finger in. Her brightly painted nails and shiny ring perfectly ornament her truly gorgeous cunt. While Angelina is distracted with her self-love session, an armed intruder has snuck up on her. He slowly aims his silenced pistol at her taught tummy and fires twice. Angelina winces and moans. Pleasure mixes with pain. She continues reflexively toying with her naughty pussy as the blood pours from her bullet wounds. The assassin is already nude, hard, and ready to take full advantage of Angelina’s horny death throes. He shoves his cock between her glorious tits and commands her to squeeze them together around his veiny shaft.

Angelina obeys and lets her killer fuck her boobs while he points a gun in her face. As a reward, she gets two more shots to the chest –one in each tit. She slumps down, but still somehow clinging to life. The assassin shoves his raging cock into her already prepped pussy. With each deep thrust into Angelina’s snug cunt, the killer forces more and more blood out of the bullet holes in her lovely, perforated torso. The killer stands over Angelina, pointing both of his fully loaded guns at her. First her fires the barrage of cum at her. Coating her big tits and taught tummy with shower of jizz. He watches it mingle with the blood, like a shitty late 90s Metallica album cover. The thought enrages the assassin. He toys with Angelina’s ping pussy with the end of his silencer. She moans at the stimulation. He squeezes the trigger, emptying the clip in Angelina’s poor twat. She convulses from the massive internal damage as blood spills from her nose and mouth. She slumps forward, dead. Her sapphire blue eyes are wide open.

Fetish Elements: Partial Nudity, Explicit Sexual Content, Stripping, Masturbation, Violence, Shooting, Pussy Shot, Belly Shot, Blood, Peril, Terror, Rape, Tit Fucking, Fucking, Thigh Highs, Panties, Multi-Shooting, Cum Shot, Death, Necro, Body Views.

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