Peachy Keen Films – Assassin Academy 4 – Starring Harmony Wonder

Peachy Keen Films – Assassin Academy 4

The master assassin congratulates his beautiful pupil on her exceptional performance at the academy so far. As he gives Harmony her service pistol, he warns her to take care as she prepares for her first taste of action. A number of her fellow classmates have been eliminated by a mysterious enemy on the eve of their graduation. Specifically, he instructs Harmony to stay on academy grounds and to not contact any strangers for any reason. Almost immediately, disobedient Harmony breaks the rules to have a little fun. She’s been dying to fuck some hot guy that she met online. She begins toying her snatch as she fantasizes about sucking his cock. Harmony spots her pistol sitting on a table nearby and decides that she can handle herself on a little unauthorized field trip. When Harmony gets to her crush’s place, she is shocked to see her assassin professor waiting for her. She has failed the final test. She must die for breaking his rules. Harmony tries to plead her case, but the cold master assassin cannot be reasoned with once he’s decided to deal out some death. Harmony suddenly realizes what became of her fellow classmates. She points her pistol at her professor, only for him to effortlessly turn it back at her. He fires two shots; one to Harmony’s tit and one to her belly. She clutches at her perforated torso and collapses against the wall.

Harmony begs her professor to take her virginity instead of finishing her off. It’s what drove her to this disobedience, afterall. “Why not both?”, he says and fires a shot into her naughty cunt. Harmony whimpers then falls silent. The professor moves her to the bed and explores her wounded pussy with his tongue. She was still wet from her eager meeting with her would-be crush. He slides his huge cock into Harmony’s tight, bloody snatch. He always savors this part of the final lesson, especially with such a willful slut like Harmony. Suddenly, she springs back to consciousness. He silences her again with another shot to the other side of the bosom, and finishes deep-dicking his bleeding pupil. The professor stands Harmony up and snaps her back to consciousness with a shot to the belly. He wants her to be awake for this part. He roughly turns her around and spreads her asscheeks, forcing his cock inside. Harmony squeals in a mixture of torturous pain and pleasure as her professor ravages her wounded cunt. He pulls her head back by her hair and fires a shot through her back as he explodes inside of her. This is the price for breaking his rules. He leaves her desecrated corpse as a lesson for the others.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Masturbation, Shooting, Body Shots, Stripping, Pistol, Blood, Shells, Muzzle Flash, Death, Body Views, Foot Views

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