Peachy Keen Films – A Slice Of Alice – Starring Alice Whyte

Peachy Keen Films – A Slice Of Alice - Starring Alice Whyte

A young woman is awaken suddenly from her peaceful slumber by a mad attacker. He forces her to give him a long blowjob in various positions. After he finds from her talented orifice, she manages to knock him aside and bolt out of the room. She runs into her kitchen, looking for weapon, but only manages to find a meat fork when he comes up behind her and plunges a knife into her back. She staggers forwards, blood dripping on the floor. She falls to her knees, weak and pleading. The killer strokes her head, then grabs her hair tightly and draws his blade across her throat. Blood pours out of the wound as she struggles to stop it with her fingers. Blood comes out of her mouth and she gags on it. Her chest flows red with a streams of blood running out of her body and pooling on the floor between her lets. Ash she dies, the man forces his cock into her agape mouth for a few last thrusts before letting her topple over. She quickly finishes bleeding out, takes her last breath and lies still.

Fetish Elements: Violence, Nudity, Explicit Sexual Content, Long Forced BJ, Slobber/Drool, Throat Slice, Blood, Bloody Forced BJ, Body Views, Foot Views.

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