[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Fetnoir Hotel 3 – Sweet Deathwish – Samantha Grace as “Grace X Hitwoman”, w/ Jake Evans as “The Hit”

Chris’ Corner – Fetnoir Hotel 3

In this third installment of Fetnoir Hotel we take a journey through the psychologically mind bending tale of Grace X Hitwoman’s visit to Fetnoir Hotel, this is supposedly where her next mark is and she has her orders to check in and read the email containing the instructions for her kill. She struts in in her dark sunglasses, very tight white, sheer, and revealing button down(She is seriously bursting out of) black skirt, and high heel pumps. She also wears thigh high stockings to make her even more noticeable as just another sexy woman checking into FH. She sits down and immediately opens the laptop the hotel gave her to use, and starts playing with her shoes, sliding them off and on, curling her toes, then removing them. She does the same with the stockings, slowly removing them then spreading and curling her toes to stretch a bit. She types on the laptop and checks the email for her hit. The message reads, “Death wish, every assassin wants to die, wants to be fucked by their killer.” she reads it out loud and just says, “ridiculous!” After getting the information on the hit, and finishing up she starts to feel horny, she reaches for her sexy revolver and rubs it on her breasts and stretches out on the couch. She starts to fantasize about her hit and how easy of a mark he will be. She dreams she sneaks into a room and finds a man sleeping, she sneaks up and fires one shot, the man’s eyes are wide open as he dies. Grace blows the tip of her gun in victory then puts her dark glasses on and exits. Just then she wakes on the couch from a noise of a door closing, she straightens up her skirt and goes to the door, but nothing, then as she turns back she sees something on the bed, at a closer look it is her, she is naked, a single shot to the head, with a little blood trickle. She turns behind the wall, then looks again and nothing is there. She goes to the sink and splashes her face, then goes to look again, she looks and there she is being fucked by the same man who she just killed in her dream. She shakes her head and turns behind the wall, then she heads to the bathroom and sits on the toilet, saying to herself, “Grace, WHAT THE FUCK?” She shakes it off and says, “C’mon you got this”, and holds her gun ready. She walks back to the bed and there is nothing but clean sheets and no sign of anyone, it is just as she left it. She goes back to her shoes and slides them on, she goes back to the bed just to make sure and thinks about the man she is supposed to kill fucking her, like she imagined. She puts one leg up on the bed, rubbing her tits with the gun and her pussy through her satin panties, with her fingers. She moans loud and is getting off when she hears a noise. She goes straight to the door and opens it, it is her hit he is standing there with a look on his face like he wants revenge, she pulls the trigger but it is just a click, then he is on her, grabbing her throat with one hand and disarming her with the other. He picks her up by her throat, throttling her hard and then takes her across the room, her shoes fall of and her gun is on the floor. She struggles and fights but she is powerless against a strong pissed off killer. He lifts her up on the wall and with one knee in her crotch he finishes her off. He throttles her to death, then throws her to the bed and removes her panties that just dangle from her foot as he pumps her hard from behind, almost begrudgingly. He pumps her again and again and the scene fades to just her on the bed in the same position, looking dead and fucked, she comes to quickly and rolls over catching her breath. She is in a daze but quickly recovers fixing herself up and straightening her skirt. She finds her soaked panties around her ankle and smells them to see that it is her own juices from her orgasm. She looks to the living room and there is her gun, and heels on the floor where she remembers being throttled across the floor. She goes to the mirror to check her neck and there are barely any marks, mainly from her own nails. She is perplexed, and is determined to figure out what is going on and why she keeps seeing herself dead. She puts her shoes on and grabs the gun from the floor, she check to make sure it is loaded, flipping through each cylinder to make sure. She decides she just needs to do her business and get done, then leave this crazy place, so she heads out down the hall to the room that her mark is staying, she sneaks in and she hears the shower, She is very wired for this kill and is trying to remember what the quote said, “Death wish, every assassin wants to die, and be fucked by their killer”. She heads to the shower and sneaks in ready to finish him off. She opens the shower and there she is, standing in the shower being fucked from behind by the man she is supposed to kill. She takes another glance and this time her dead face looks at her and winks, before lolling back into death, tongue out eyes wide with a single shot to the head, blood trickling down her nose. She closes the curtain but must look again, this evening her mind is playing tricks on her. She opens it and sees herself laying in the tub, dead, one shot to the forehead. Her foot hangs over the tub and her tongue is out, eyes wide open. She is completely flabbergasted and hangs her head, lowering her gun. She steps back shaking her head in disbelief and her killer is behind her. He quickly wraps one of her stockings around her neck and pulls her towards the bed again. She is fighting and clawing, digging at her neck as he yards her to the bed, but he doesn’t strangle her on the bed, no in fact he faces her towards the bed, her legs braced against the foot of the bed, him behind her knee in the back and pulling tight on the stocking. His hands are wide and far away from the neck as he pulls her. Her arms flail and she can’t get the garotte off of her neck she tries to breathe but can only get a gasp in here and there. She thinks back to seeing herself in so many different positions, the same way she takes out her marks. Something is fucking with her mind, but this seems more realistic. He strangles her to death, upright, her tongue lolled to the side and her eyes wide open, the stocking still around her sexy neck. He lets her face hit the bed, the jerks it up by the stocking. He takes her mouth, unzips himself and gets a nice dead BJ. He fucks her mouth and finishes off, then tosses her to the bed like trash, face down tongue out. Her body is panned and viewed, before fading into flashbacks and pans of all her deaths she imagined, then fading into the killer finishing having sex with Grace’s body, there is a bullet wound right in the center of her forehead, and a generous amount of cum is dripping from her pussy and on to the bed, oozing out. The killer grabs her dark glasses from the floor and places them on her head before he exits…..

This is my favorite episode so far and one of the best things I have done in production, and piecing together a wonderful script and super mega puzzle. This has so many elements to list and will satisfy a number of different fetish types, this took so much time and energy we were drained, but that is what we do, make the best films.

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