Jacuzzi Side Shooting – Peachy Keen Films – Starring Melody Jordan

Jacuzzi Side Shooting

A young woman is relaxing by her jacuzzi, playing with herself when a man enters and forces her to entertain him at gunpoint. She sucks his cock for a bit, then tries to make an escape attempt and he shoots her in the chest. She staggers, falls, gets back up and he shoot her again. She tumbles into the jacuzzi. She shoots her in the head, finishing her off. He lets her float for a bit before pulling her out. In the chair, he gets a necro blowjob and masturbates and rubs himself on her before finally cumming all over her. Then, he shoots her several times in the belly before leaving her.

Fetish Elements: Violence, Nudity, Explicit Sexual Content, Masturbation, Pantyhose Fetish, Multi-Shooting, Forced BJ, Necro BJ, Cum Shot, Body Views.

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