Invitation To Murder – Peachy Keen Films – Starring Rilynn Rae

Invitation To Murder

She was in college. Young. Attractive. A bit lonely after a recent breakup. The plumber was hot. He had been over 3 other times. This time—Saturday, was her trump card. She would figure him out today and see if she could make something happen. The conversation was casual. He handed her the paper he found outside her door. Yesterdays. Someone was murdered or something. She did not care. She lived for today. She told him that too. The niceties went on—she offering him food, drink, and he was rambling about his goals and views. Boring, but she was listening intently for show. Finally, he was under her sink working and she was offering him more food. He made her bend down, so he could show her something. That was when he struck. The chloroform rag had evaporated some since he soaked it surreptitiously minutes earlier, so there was a bit of a struggle. But, when it was over, he had an unconscious coed. He tossed her on the bed, she was struggling, crying, yelling, trying to get away. She was cuffed–steel, behind her back–going no where. He straddled her, made her see—no showed her with a hand to the throat that she should cooperate with him. And, she reluctantly did–they all did. He fucked her–fucked her tight little 19 or 20-something pussy, and she was tight too–not virgin tight, but fucking tight. He pounded her all over the bed while she squirmed and yelled, whined and cried. Oh, he heart was breaking–no fucking way. He unloaded in her, filling her up. But he was not done. Next he pulled her off the bed and stood her up. He fondled her titties and pussy, tormenting her with words, then hit her a couple times. He was a sexual feind—he could never get enough and he was ready for more.

She was reluctant again…..they never learn. But he made her do it and soon she was sucking his throbbing cock. Choking on it, gagging, slurping it, licking his balls, and he jacked on her face until he burst all over mouth and cheek…spattering his jizz everywhere. But wait there was more. And here is the kicker…..then never put 2 and 2 together. He always gave them the chance. He handed her the paper earlier, it was right in front of her. But, the dumb supposedly college educated bitch looked right past it. “She lived for today”. Well, as he took off her earrings to her bewilderment, he envisioned the process by which “today” would be her last. But, he had to give her one more little moment to sweat her fate. He told her to think about it—use her college brain. And then she got it. She was going to be dead–just like the girl in the news paper. He was taking a souvenir. Oh fuck. But it was too late. She was dead the minute she let him back into her place. The garrote went around her neck and she was pulled back hard. The leather dug in tightly around her neck. She struggled viciously, like she had never struggled before. It was her life and she was fighting hard for it. But he would take it, he was determined and the game they played—both very strong willed in their goals, lasted a long time. But in the end, both covered in sweat, she was the one who stopped moving. He slid out from under her and took advantage of the sweaty dead naked girl again fucking her some more–feeling that tight warm pussy one more time. Then, he shoved her off the bed. He stripped the bed, put her back on, posed her like he always did and placed one half of the souvenir on her as he always did. Then….he left.

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