Guillotined Schoolgirl Sara – The Guillotine

Guillotined Schoolgirl Sara

Schoolgirl Sara has been caught cheating on exams, so she has been sent in the school dungeon where a guy who lives there is supposed to execute her by guillotine. She spontaneously walks in and explains him what happened; she looks quite nervous and hesitant, and keeps asking him to let her escape… But that would be cheating again, so he explains she has to accept the situation and have her head cut, although he will be gentle and help her to make it quick and painless. He asks her to lay down in position, and proceeds strapping her body to the guillotine; through the basket camera you can see she grows even more anxious, so the dungeon guy holds her hand during these final moments. Suddenly the blade falls, and Sara’s headless body goes limp, her hand still holding the guy’s. The video shows the blade dropping down for real, and the head bouncing down into the basket! At that point, the guy becomes less friendly and takes the freedom to pull up the schoolgirl’s skirt, exposing her ass, and gropes her bum and thighs for some time, since Sara can no longer know…

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Guillotined Schoolgirl Sara_(new).mp4