Drug Deal Gone Bad – Psycho-Thrillers – starring Mahina Zaltana, Donnie Rock, Reno

Drug Deal Gone Bad - Psycho-Thrillers – starring Mahina Zaltana, Donnie Rock, Reno

A tough drug-running woman is taken down by two assassins, and fucked hard while being garroted. 1 Girl, 2 Guys A beautiful MILF is in the middle of a home workout She is wearing a two piece black and white leotard and sneakers She gets a call from a crony who is running a drug shipment for her Her property alarm goes off, and she gets off the phone She goes to the window and sees a masked man in the yard Quickly positioning herself by the front door, she waits for him He comes in, carrying a knife She surprises him with a knee to his stomach He falls to the floor, dropping the knife He crawls after his weapon, but she kicks him again Down and writhing on the floor, he is at her mercy She straddles him, pulls off his mask Slapping him hard, she interrogates him Enjoying dominating him, she fails to see a second man come in He grabs her from behind, pinning her arms The second man holds her while the first gets up She is punched in the stomach But she is tough, and kicks the first man in the groin He goes down again She struggles with the second man He is too strong – he knocks her down Pinning her on the floor, he slaps her hard repeatedly She is knocked out, and lies tits-up unconscious They drag her into the bedroom and strip her They cuff her hands behind her back She wakes up naked and in their power She is still defiant, but they assault her She’s forced to suck cock while a garrote is around her neck They strangle and cock-choke her She tries to buy them off, and they pretend to be ready to release her When her back is turned, they strangle her again She is shoved down on her back and simultaneously garroted and fucked Gasping, gurgling, tongue protrusion She is stranglefucked then cock-choked again The second man cums in her mouth They move her around, cuffing her to the backboard The first man makes her suck him, then gets out the garrote again He fucks her on her back while strangling her Tight garrote, red face, drool She flails helplessly and convulses from lack of air She dies impaled on his cock

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