Disappear Forever Part 2 – Psycho-Thrillers – Starring Vienna Rose, Eric Masterson, Isiah Maxwell

Disappear Forever Part 2 - Psycho-Thrillers

Two guys kidnap a beautiful young woman, sexually assault and murder her. 1 Girl, 2 Guys Petite Blonde After kidnapping and assaulting a beautiful young woman, she is dragged into bed Woman is nude, with restraint cuffs on wrists and ankles She is arranged on her knees, forced to give one man BJ Second man fingers and licks her pussy She continues forced fellatio while second man mounts her from behind Men switch positions, flip her on her back for more rough sex Hair pulling, choking More hard three-way sex in multiple positions Finally they use the restraint cuffs to spread eagle her on the bed One man bottle-fucks her while the other takes another BJ She is flipped over and anal raped with a dildo Both men take turns ass-fucking her while she fellates the other man Rough forced sex continues She is dragged off the bed and kneels on the floor She gives her tormentors double BJ until both men cum They bring her back up on the bed, cuff her hands behind her back She pleads with them, but one gets out a heavy blue rope He whips it around her neck from behind and starts to strangle her One man finger fucks her while she strangles She thrashes wildly, choking and gurgling She dies, with wide-eyed death stare and mouth drool Ligature mark on neck Men uncuff the body, drag her around a little on the bed They leave the body face up, death-staring

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