Crime House (aka Dark Rooms) – Killer Absolution

Crime House (aka Dark Rooms) – Killer Absolution

Introdusing new model mary! this stylish erotic movie is based on the famous game «hitman absolution». It’s dark, gothic thriller with head shot, ch…King, bodies carrying and funeral entourage. young cruel murder loves beautiful rock brunette. She is his partner. He is going to leave city forever and decides to have a last meeting with his g…Rl. They choose abandoned monastery as a place for meeting – this place has a very big value for them both: one day he saved her life and kept her there in safe from enemy organization. but she lied all the time. She invited him to the last meeting just to lure him into a trap… she and her new partner from enemy organization, female killer dressed in fetish nurse costume, are waiting for him to shoot him to the death. When he came to monastery, his g…Rl is waiting for him in red dress. They are dancing last time saying good buy when a female killer suddenly appears. But he has great instincts and kills her. Headshot, long ****** headshot, made like in games. May be her reaction to headshot is too long, but she feels strong fatal pain and shock realizing her end with a 45 mm bullet in her brains! she is dead. And now is time for revenge to the traitress. It’s not easy choice – he loves her, but he doesn’t forgives. He ch….Kes her very strong with all his power he acquired in assassin-******. She can’t do anything to get free, and just writings in agony and horror of her mortal fail, last fail in her life. She dies with a face full of hopeless looking with her death stare to the sky where the court is waiting for her… he carries two corpses to the corner of the prayer hall. Long time ago people repented and prayed here, and now he has just committed a mortal sin. He puts his dead lovely doll to the throne as a symbol of her roual value for him and throws to her legs a corpse of nurse-assassin as a symbol of treachery and discord… now two bodies are resting in pease in this gloomy forgotten old gothic building. They conceived a murder but became victims. They didn’t expected death. Now they are like sculptures lost forever…

fetish elements: sexy red dress, fetish nurse, long headshot scene, death stares , carrying bodies, sexy sitting and lying death poses, gothic location looks like old church, expensive postproduction effects (thunder and lighting), interesting plot with bad as victims.

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