Crime House (aka Dark Rooms) – Childfree – Catolina, Anastasia and Kit

Crime House (aka Dark Rooms) – Childfree

Anastasia and her housband are childfree. The man wants to have children very much but his wife can not present him a child because of some health problems. She is a businesswoman and has her happiness without children. The family couple stay at Anastasia’s Moscow flat during weekly business trip. Husband asks her to visit Moscow doctors but she doesn’t want even to talk about it. She goes to office and he stays at her sister’s flat alone with her young sister. Her sister has a baby. He feels terrible feelings of envy to her. When she is alone she attacks her and strangles with a cord. When his wife comes back, he chokes his wife too. He put two dead nude bodies to bodypile and waits for the children. He is going to be a father and leave the city with the child, whom he made an orphan

FETISH ELEMENTS: Strangulation, leg jerking, tongue out, sexy lingerie, strangulation from behind, stripping dead body, playing with dead body, young mother is strangled, ironing dead body, bodypile

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