Crime House (aka Dark Rooms) – Archer 13 – Starring: Xena, Sally, Nata, Judi, Max

Crime House (aka Dark Rooms) – Archer 13

Another stunning installment in this story line. Incredible work! The women are truly gorgeous especially in their bikinis. Our women think they have a true shot at winning $50K. The look of shock is priceless as they find out the only thing they are doing is giving our friend a shot at their belly buttons. Amazing work by this production team, great camera work, the lead up and tremendous death scenes. You have my thanks in keeping this plot going! This time our well-known Archer decides to play new game. He pretends to be a manager of concurs of bikini with huge prize 50 000$ for a winner! Girls should just come to his studio, dance fopr a camera and do some exotic tricks like be handcuffed to the cross and be topless. But when he lets girls go to the cross one by one he shocks them with a bow – he is that bad-famous guy who kills dancers with arrows! This dance is a last one from poor girls… After he kills all girl we see pretty bodypile!

Fetish Elements: Arrowing, Helpless, Women In Peril, Navel, Shooting to the Navel, Long Agonies Before Death, Nude Bodypile

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